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Tour Conclusion

Frank Settino, CEO, The Byng GroupHi, Frank again. Thank you for taking the tour today.

I hope you gained some appreciation for our history and also our natural evolution to the present, meeting increasing client needs and controlling all the variables in a construction environment.
And I hope you can see how, by following our philosophy, we have been successful in what we do.
We listen to our clients, see what they need, and offer creative solutions to their problems. The solutions fit their budget and needs, both time wise and cost wise.

When things go awry, and they will from time to time, we have trained project managers who jump in, take care of the immediate issues, and then we put steps in place to control such events in future.

We’re always learning – new renovation techniques, new technology and new business processes that can help us and help our customers. We have brought processes in-house, to maintain better and tighter control over costs, priorities, turnaround time and slippage. We feel that this approach, which we pioneered in the Multi-Residential industry, works in other areas too, so we’ve branched out into common areas, retirement homes, commercial space and condos.

We bring in the right people, both from inside the construction industry and also from other industries when that’s what’s needed.

We would very much appreciate any opportunity to serve you. Perhaps we can give you a personal tour of our premises, perhaps you have a project you’d like us to bid on. If you think we can be of assistance, please give us a call. Or send us an email. We will strive to earn your confidence, to give you the same personal service we have been known for since our inception.

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