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Health & Safety

The Byng Group meets or exceeds all health and safety regulations in our offices, warehouses, fabrication facilities and on-site locations.

Our staff is trained and certified appropriately to all relevant OHSA regulations.  Our Joint Health and Safety Committee meets regularly, to ensure a safe and healthy place to work.

Regular inspections provide us with risk assessments for all common employee tasks where issues have been identified

The Byng Group ensures adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities. We include in this process communication with clients and the input of our technicians working in the field.

Our Health and Safety Policy is reviewed on an annual basis and revised as needed.

Did you know?

If you hire individual contractors to do work, this places you in the role of general contractor. You are then legally responsible for workplace health and safety, in addition to any liability issues that arise.

By hiring us to do the renovation, we assume the role of general contractor and remove that responsibility and liability from you.

We carry $10,000,000 insurance on every job site. Our liability insurance names our clients on the policy and relieves them of liability.

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The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
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