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Special Purpose Rooms
(Social, Dining, Doctors Rooms, etc.)

  • Years of experience designing and maintaining special purpose spaces like social and dining spaces, professional visit rooms, etc.
  • Integrated manufacturing facility.
  • Inspectors can identify most common needs & specify the needed cabinetry, millwork, etc.
  • Designers trained to the specific capabilities of our manufactory are on call for unusual or custom needs.
  • See our design/build section.
  • We can audit your existing special purpose rooms in a manner similar to resident room condition audits, to give you planning and budgetary numbers for the future.
  • Because of our tight integration of manufacturing into our inspection, design and install processes:
    • What’s designed is what’s needed
    • What’s built is what was designed
    • What’s installed is to spec
  • We can provide maintenance and replacement components, quickly, easily and correctly.
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The Byng Group
The Byng GroupThe Byng GroupThe Byng Group
The Byng Group is a fully insured, full-service interior renovation general contractor. We specialize in retirement apartments, turnovers and common area maintenance and renovations. Our dedicated project management staff is sensitive to the needs of seniors. Our integrated manufacturing facilities yield outstanding savings in time and money. We are large enough to serve any customer with distinction, many as exclusive supplier, yet entrepreneurial enough to creatively meet each customer’s unique needs. As leaders in our industry, each member of our team has been selected for their expertise and understanding of the needs and sensitivities of those we serve.
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