The Byng Group

Occupied Unit Service Work

  • The Byng group completes thousands of service calls in occupied units monthly.

  • For most work, we are able to accommodate and work around the timetable of the resident.

  • All products we use comply with appropriate government environmental regulations and are suitable to the retirement community.

  • Clean up after ourselves, at the end of every day in the case of multi-day work.

  • You can use us exclusively, or as an alternative to your existing tradespeople, rounding out your trade list in areas where you don’t have expertise on call or providing extra manpower to handle a spike in work.

The Byng Group The Byng Group
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The Byng GroupThe Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group is a fully insured, full-service interior renovation general contractor. We specialize in retirement apartments, turnovers and common area maintenance and renovations. Our dedicated project management staff is sensitive to the needs of seniors. Our integrated manufacturing facilities yield outstanding savings in time and money. We are large enough to serve any customer with distinction, many as exclusive supplier, yet entrepreneurial enough to creatively meet each customer’s unique needs. As leaders in our industry, each member of our team has been selected for their expertise and understanding of the needs and sensitivities of those we serve.
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