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Our Philosophy

These are the things we strive for, our business philosophy.

  1. To provide exceptional value to our clients, setting the foundation for a long term relationship
    • Offer competitive, creative services, options and solutions to fit our clients needs
    • Offer short renovation turnaround times to minimize lost time and revenue.
    • Complete the services on-schedule
    • Provide prompt, personal client service
    • Provide professional staff to answer all questions, handle all concerns and problems, large or small, with a sense of urgency, compassion and care.
    • When unanticipated site conditions occur, mobilize resources quickly to resolve
    • Then learn from the experience and revise the business process.
  2. Provide this while running our business profitably through:
    • Continuous learning, Imaginative thinking, Honest effort
    • The employment of appropriate, cutting edge technology
    • Fiscal responsibility
  3. We seek Fairness and Integrity in:
    • how we conduct business,
    • how we treat our customers, suppliers and employees
    • how we expect to be treated in return
  4. We are Canadian-owned and operated.

As it turns out, these philosophies also give us our advantage. We learn how to provide a service, then how to make it better, faster, more effective or last longer. Our account and project managers watch for slippage. When it occurs, we correct it, find the root cause, and how to prevent future occurrences. When necessary, we bring processes in-house to better control them, from a time and cost perspective. And that’s really all there is to it. Find the people who can make this happen, hire them, and keep improving. This has been our practice, now, for years.

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The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
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