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The manufacturing department is a perfect example of our ongoing commitment to controlling and optimizing renovation timing and quality.

We found that a major source of renovation delay (and scheduling unpredictability, which is worse) was our reliance on outside suppliers for millwork, cabinets, countertops and doors. When components are not ready on schedule, it impacts all other components and services in that project. Not only is that one renovation now delayed, but a domino effect causes other, unrelated projects to be delayed as well.

In order to maintain better control over scheduling issues and remove the domino effect, we brought this work in-house. We make all custom elements ourselves now. As a side benefit, not only do we have control over scheduling, but we completely control design, process, quality and cost. As a result, cabinetry, millwork and other manufactured items are better, stronger and can be better customized for the market and client.

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We produce all our own drawings using CAD and then double-check them against the measurements. This ensures the work requirement is clear, neat and accurate, reducing confusion, mistakes, waste and delay.

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