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The Design Team and Showroom

At The Byng Group, another key differentiator is our design team and showroom. Our creative design professionals are trained to incorporate time- and cost-effective construction techniques while respecting your design, budget and the long term asset value of the property. Our design professionals are available to work with you and understand your needs, including colour, finish and model options.

Our showroom is stocked with a large collection of tile samples (including marble & granite), plumbing and electrical fixtures, crown moldings, chair rail, countertops, carpet, flooring, kitchen cabinets, vanities, appliances, doorknobs, doors  paint chips - the selection is vast. And we are constantly updating it with fresh, modern products.

Once you have decided on a design, pricing and specification, we can quickly move to the “Build” phase. Our vertically integrated operations team means we have total visibility to all aspects of the work. You will see start dates, install dates for major components and completion dates.

Our team approach brings everyone together so that nothing is left to chance – production knows what components the designers have selected, the schedulers decide the schedule, manufacturing builds to that schedule and technicians deliver and install them, under project manager supervision. Having our own designers, that work closely with you and our other teams, creates a synergy and cohesive organization that is not otherwise available in the marketplace


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