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Let me first introduce you to our Account Manager/Project Manager teams. These geographically organized teams, unique to our industry, are at the core of our sense of urgency and rapid response to your renovation requirements.

Our account managers will be your first point of contact. They are an inside team of experts, highly trained and technically inclined, waiting to take your call and supporting all field operations.

Using various electronic technologies, they support our Project Managers, who operate in assigned geographic territories.

Our account managers can handle, quote and arrange for any work you require, be it unit turnovers, occupied unit service calls, common area maintenance and renovation, condominium or commercial work. We can work with you on difficult timing renovations too. When you have a problem, concern or special service need, they’re the ones to call.

Here’s our Account manager team.

Group photograph of the account managers

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The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
The Byng Group
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